Aug 292014

The beautiful woodland track to the Standing Stones in Cashelkeelty.  No Faeries you say?  This looks like home for someone…

The woodland floor is soft under foot.  A blanket of green is moulded to every mound and tucked into every crevice, in parts it’s many inches deep, softly cushioning each footstep.  The mix of moss and coniferous needles on the woodland floor muffle the sound of an occasional twig snap

Occasionally some moss breaks away revealing the solid hard structure of the rock it’s concealing or  it grows into tiered roof-like creations on tree trunks casting raindrop from the tips to the ones beneath.

A wonderland it green, it feeds the imagination and lightens the spirit.

Aug 272014
Cashelkeelty Standing Stones

Cashelkeelty Standing Stones consist of two groups We found them on our second visit The standing stones are signposted from the N571 out of Kenmare, just past the turnoff for Healy’s Pass but they are well hidden in the ‘wide open’. On our first visit, we met several people like ourselves who were returning from [...]

Aug 112014

It was a stroke of genius by whoever thought up the Ice Bucket Challenge. It’s raised huge sums of money for a very worthy cause, research on MND (Motor Neurone Disease) or ALES as it’s known in the US and it’s given those of us who participated in it hours of fun, threatening, anticipating, fearing [...]

Jul 262014
Kiltinan Gate

A side entrance to one of the oldest inhabited castles in Ireland having been built in the thirteenth century,  Kiltinan Castle is currently owned by the Andrew Lloyd-Webber family The Castle stands upon an eminence of limestone rock and overlooks the Clashawley River in south Tipperary             Main Gallery All [...]