Feb 052015



Dec 312014
Jellyfish Ballet

One of the adchix.com more striking animals in Irish waters is the Compass Jellyfish (Chrysaora hysoscella) which can grow up to 30cm in diameter. It’s manubrium has 16 distinctive v shaped markings resembling the radii of a compass – hence it’s name.  Compass jellyfish have strong venom and can leave painful weals on contact.   I […]

Dec 122014
St Mullins

The picturesque village of St. Mullins has an impressive ecclesiastical history. St. Moling established a foundation here in the seventh century. Throughout his life he is attributed with performing many miracles, and curing many diseases. In the 8th Century manuscript, known as “The Book of Moling ”, there is a plan of the monastery, the […]

Oct 232014
West Cork

Autumn in West Cork The Beara Peninsula in the distance is the backdrop for Whiddy Island nestling in the mouth of Bantry Bay as splashes of http://tracymartinphotography.com/online-us-cialis sunshine illuminate portions of the headland on the Sheep’s Head Peninsula.   I met this magnificent gentleman on the Sheep’s Head peninsula, m friend Karen nicknamed him ‘Gerald’   […]