Oct 232014

Autumn in West Cork

The Beara Peninsula in the distance is the backdrop for Whiddy Island nestling in the mouth of Bantry Bay as splashes of sunshine illuminate portions of the headland on the Sheep’s Head Peninsula.

Patches of sunshine on Sheep's Head,  Whiddy Island in Bantry Bay and the Beara Peninsula in the distance

Patches of sunshine on Sheep’s Head, Whiddy Island in Bantry Bay and the Beara Peninsula in the distance



I met this magnificent specimen on the Sheep’s Head peninsula, a friend nicknamed him ‘Gerald’

Ram on Sheep's Head Peninsula

Ram on Sheep’s Head Peninsula

This lovely stone cottage is in the upland valley of Coomkeen on the Sheep’s Head.  Beautifully restored, complete with chimney and curtained front door, this little house is a mystery.  Although there are no overhead cables visible it has outdoor lighting and even a light sensor.

Why does it not have any windows?



Windowless Cottage

Windowless Cottage



Sep 242014

I love Andalucia, particularly in wintertime. The weather is warm, sunny & bright. The tourists have returned to their homes in other places and there is a touch of moisture in the morning and evening air that softens the dry hilly landscape. A Time to Rest This is a typical country road looking across a [...]

Sep 112014
Cahir Castle

Cahir, a fine example of a late Medieval Castle.  Originally built in 1142, and extended 200 years later,  it is one of Ireland’s largest and best preserved castles. Situated on a rocky island on the River Suir, it is impressive by day or by night. Once the stronghold of the powerful Butler family, Cahir Castle [...]