Sep 242014

I love Andalucia, particularly in wintertime. The weather is warm, sunny & bright. The tourists have returned to their homes in other places and there is a touch of moisture in the morning and evening air that softens the dry hilly landscape.

A Time to Rest

This is a typical country road looking across a beautiful valley to the hills on the far side, sculpted with the dark lines of olive trees against the red/brown earth.  There is a sense of peace, as if the countryside and the little villages are resting after the relentless heat of the summer.  The morning / evening mists creep slowly and gently along the valley, blanketing the earth as clouds reflect the rising and setting sun to cast smokey tones of oranges, pinks and greys back to the hills and river valleys below.


The harvest is ending, oranges are just picked and trees are laden with lemons to the point of drop, which they do… along the roadside and elsewhere.  Winter is a time of rejuvenation in Andalucia and it’s impossible as a visitor not to be effected by this and to benefit from it.

Evening Mists in Andalucia

Evening Mists in Andalucia

















Sep 112014
Cahir Castle

Cahir, a fine example of a late Medieval Castle.  Originally built in 1142, and extended 200 years later,  it is one of Ireland’s largest and best preserved castles. Situated on a rocky island on the River Suir, it is impressive by day or by night. Once the stronghold of the powerful Butler family, Cahir Castle [...]

Sep 022014
Five Day Challenge

I’ve been nominated by a friend on social media to post one photo per day for five days, and nominate 1 person per day to do the same… I’m delighted to participate, it compels me to take out the camera each day, to engage with other photographers and provides an opportunity to receive constructive critique [...]