Feb 072014

Irish people constantly talk about the weather – maybe that’s because we regularly get four seasons in a single day. However our weather seems to be changing. After an incredibly wonderful summer with favourable weather that continued right into December, unprecedented storms have lashed our coasts and inland counties since Christmas.

Coastal Battering

January 2014 has been a wet and windy month in Ireland, particularly along the west and south coasts where a combination of strong wind and high tides have created waves that are seldom seen on Irish shores.

Places like Mullaghmore in Sligo have become a playground for surfers who chase ‘Big Waves’, farmers along the coasts of Galway have lost acres of land to the sea, in some instances sheep have also been lost to the waves.

Recent Flooding

Severe flooding has occurred in both rural and urban areas where sea walls were breached cutting off communities and where rivers flowing through cities such as Limerick & Cork have spilled onto the streets flooding homes and businesses. 

Relentless Rain

The relentless rain and wind resulting from storms developing in the Atlantic continue to wreck havoc across inland areas as January turned into February.  Unprecedented volumes of water are reaching our streams and rivers from the surrounding land swelling them to breach point along their journey.

Flood Relief

In recent years flood relief work such as dredging and building walls is protecting our inland towns so far.  Further storms and heavy rainfall will test these structures into the coming days and they deposit their load over Ireland.

The River Suir as it flows through Clonmel
River Suir
Killaloan Church and Burial Grounds


Marlfield, Clonmel


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Hook Lighthouse at Dawn

Hook Lighthouse at Dawn


Jan 092014

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Dec 152013
Guagane Barra

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Dec 132013

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Dec 072013
Images of Kilkenny

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