Earlier this year, Stephen Patrick Clare of Celtic Life Magazine contacted me with a request  to supply them with a high resolution file of my photograph ‘Titanica’ for the front cover of their  May/June 2014 issue 

I am thrilled to see my work published, especially as the cover of an international magazine

My original image, captured at night in the lovely tones of ambient lighting




Celtic Life Cover…


More of my images from Belfast

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"One Day in History" - Andrea Gjestvang
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National Heritage Week in Ireland

National Heritage Week in Ireland

As an amateur photographer I enjoy knowing and understanding a little bit of the background of my subjects, whether it’s  architecture, landscape, nature or anything else I may cast my eyes and lens upon during the year. Photography sometimes takes me to places I may never otherwise visit and the experience is always enriched by [...]

Please Help - Which One?

Please Help – Which One?

As any artist will know, there’s an attachment to a piece of artwork and a blind side that cannot see the flaws.  I’ve yet to decide between the post-processing treatment of the following images and would value your opinion.  I recognise choice is always personal and while I may not agree with all the feedback, [...]

Going Retro

Going Retro

I like to attempt doing things differently and I just recently acquired a Tamron SP Mirror Lens, or to give it it’s full title… Tamron SP Adaptall 2 500mm f/8 Tele Macro BBAR Mirror Lens. It’s condition is as good as new, even though it’s at least 24 years old could be over 30 – [...]

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