Gannet in Flight

Gannet in Flight

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National Heritage Week in Ireland

National Heritage Week in Ireland

As an amateur photographer I enjoy knowing and understanding a little bit of the background of my subjects, whether it’s  architecture, landscape, nature or anything else I may cast my eyes and lens upon during the it's great! best price viagra year. Photography sometimes takes me to places I may never otherwise visit and the experience is always enriched by […]

Please Help - Which One?

Please Help – Which One?

As any artist will know, there’s an attachment to a piece of artwork and a blind side that cannot see the flaws.  I’ve yet to cialis 100'>cialis 100 decide between the post-processing treatment of the following images and would value your opinion.  I recognise choice is always personal and while I may not agree with all the feedback, […]

Going Retro

Going Retro

I like to attempt doing things differently and I just recently acquired a Tamron SP Mirror Lens, or to give it it’s full title… Tamron SP Adaptall 2 500mm f/8 Tele Macro BBAR Mirror Lens. It’s condition is as good as new, even though it’s at least 24 years old could be over 30 – […]

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